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5G Technology Fosters The Need For Complicating Cyber Security Precautons

ByGaziantep Haber

Ağu 12, 2021

The improvement of 5G technology and the increase in use of both mobile and IoT devices brings with itself a problem of cyber security that grows ever more serious. As tenancy diversity rises, a greater number of services demand cyber security and thus the precautions get more convoluted. Cyber attacks that can occur in national or international levels compel governments to be prepared against such aggression, in order to properly defend societies and economies. Nowadays, it is deemed to be a part of national security, that countries develop domestic cyber security software and ecosystems.


Why is the ability to intervene in Cyber Security Crises important?

The founder and Chairman of Cerebrum Tech Dr. R. Erdem Erkul underlines the fact, that the deciding factors for the ability to intervene in cyber security crises are the level preparedness, and an ongoing degree of awareness before any such issue occurs in the first place. Emphasizing on the importance of detecting and defending soft spots in security systems he says: “In a moment of crisis, the paramount concerns are swiftly identifying where the threat is coming from and where the weak points of the security system are located. In order to be able to act rapidly in such an occurrence necessary oversight mechanisms must be put in place in advance. Moreover, having planned and prepared responses to different possible crisis scenarios would help a great deal, not only in hastening the kickback, but also in the recovery process.” 

The General Manager of Limatek Sistem Canan Okutanoğlu puts a spotlight on the necessary measures to be taken in a time of crisis and also after the fact: “A smooth flow of information within the institution, regarding the company’s communication network between both its mindful employees and its institutive devices, plays a critical role in making a methodical and speedy decision in a time of crisis. For example, in an environment in which internal and external accesses to your institutional network is not traced and recorded, it is almost impossible to properly pinpoint how the security breach happened and what it has affected. In order to achieve this level of awareness cyber security components must be able to effectively generate data and also have access to necessary procedures to reach pieces of information regarding potential problems. 


Domestic solutions to Cyber Crises are of vital importance

                It is obvious, that technological developments do not only increase the pace of digital transformation, but also boosts the need for cyber security. The market volume of the industry was 167 billion by the year 2019 and it is expected that it reaches 202 billion by the end of 2021. In the provision of cyber security, because of the tender and sensitive nature of national data, domestic solutions attract attention. 

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